Spiced Tea

Spiced Tea is a tea with spices such as clove, ginger and others. It can be served cold or hot.


  • sugar syrup 0.15 oz.
  • lemon juice 0.15 oz.
  • water 5 oz.
  • lemon 1 12 oz.
  • lemongrass 0.15 oz.
  • honey 1 oz.
  • cinnamon sticks 0.35 oz.
  • cloves 0.03 oz.
  • ginger root 0.35 oz.
  • ground nutmeg 0.03 oz.


  1. Put a lemongrass stalk into a blender and pour sugar syrup.
  2. Blend and pour the resulting fresh puree through a sieve into a pitcher.
  3. Add cinnamon stick broken in halves, clove, lemon juice, ginger root juice, honey and boiling water.
  4. Stir while heating, but do not bring to boil. Pour through the sieve into an Irish coffee glass.
  5. Add a pinch of ground nutmeg. Garnish with a lemon wedge and a stalk of lemongrass.