Salad with potato & mustard

This salad with potatoes and mustard easy to prepare. If you want to try something delicious this salad for you.


  • medium potatoes (boiled and chopped in 1 inch) 10 pcs.
  • pickles (chopped) 12 cup
  • red onion (chopped) 1 pcs.
  • hard-boiled eggs (chopped) 6 pcs.
  • parsley (chopped) 12 bunch
  • mustard 2 tsp.
  • mayonnaise 34 cup
  • black pepper and salt, to taste


  1. Add boiled and chopped potatoes to the salad bowl.
  2. Add chopped pickles and parsley.
  3. Add chopped hard-boiled eggs and finely chopped red onion.
  4. For dressing mix the mayonnaise, mustard, black pepper, salt.
  5. Add dressing and mix into the salad bowl.
  6. Before serving, chill at least one hour in the refrigerator. This will infuse salad and acquire a more intense flavor.
  7. Serve with parsley.
  8. Enjoy your meal!!!