Meat Solyanka

Traditional meat solyanka recipe. Soup Solyanka has a lot of recipes. There are three main types of solyanka: with main ingredient meat, fish or mushrooms. All of them contain pickles with brine and sour cream. Solyanka makes by cooking pickles with brine before adding other ingredients to the broth.


  • chicken fillet or meat 1 pcs.
  • potatoes, peeled & chopped 4 pcs.
  • pickles, chopped 1 pcs.
  • carrot, grated 1 pcs.
  • onion, finely chopped 12 pcs.
  • vegetable oil 2 tbsp.
  • tomato (or tomato paste 2-3 tbsp.) 1 pcs.
  • bay leaf 2 pcs.
  • olives 14 cup
  • slices of lemon, to taste
  • sour cream, to taste
  • black ground pepper and spices, to taste


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Step 1
Cut potatoes into the cubes and chop tomato. Grate the carrot and finely chop the onion.
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Step 2
Cut into cubes chicken fillet and pickles.
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Step 3
Put pickles with brine and potatoes into a saucepan with boiling water. Cook over low heat, covered with a lid for 10 minutes.
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Step 4
Fry chicken fillet with vegetable oil about 5-7 minutes. Add to the saucepan with chopped tomato (or 2-3 tbsp. tomato paste).
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Step 5
Heat the pan, pour vegetable oil. Fry over medium heat grated carrot and chopped onion, stirring, for 2-3 minutes and add into the saucepan. Add bay leaf with spices. Simmer on low heat for 10-15 minutes.
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Step 6
Pour the soup into the bowls. Serve with olives, a slice of lemon and sour cream. Enjoy your meal!!!