Cheese soup with broccoli & mushrooms

Cheese soup with broccoli & mushrooms recipe. For this soup fit shiitake, white mushrooms, champignons, and cheese, too, take the one you like!


  • mushrooms 12 lb.
  • processed cheese 2 pcs.
  • broccoli (fresh or frozen) 12 lb.
  • potatoes 2 pcs.
  • carrot 1 pcs.
  • vegetable oil 2 tbsp.
  • salt, black pepper to taste


  1. Cut mushrooms and fry for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Add grated carrots.
  3. Broccoli divide into florets, into pieces smaller.
  4. Cut potatoes.
  5. In boiling water to add all the ingredients, salt and cook for 10 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile, rub cheese on a coarse grater and add to the soup. Stim another 5 minutes
  7. Sprinkle with dill or parsley. Serve the soup with cheese croutons or toasts.
  8. Enjoy your meal!!!