Smazhnya (Belarusian Pizza)

Smazhnya is a popular Belarusian mini pizza. Add to it a variety of toppings.


  • warm milk or warm water 2 cups
  • sugar 1 tbsp.
  • yeast (16 gram) 1 tbsp.
  • flour 2 cups
  • egg 1 egg
  • butter 1 tbsp.
  • mayonnaise or sour cream (to lubricate the top) 1 tbsp.
  • egg (to lubricate the top) 1 pcs.
  • tomato sauce or ketchup, optionally 1 tbsp.
  • sausages or salami (150 gram) 6 oz.
  • cheese, optionally 2 tbsp.
  • chopped onion, optionally 14 pcs.
  • salt and spices, to taste


  1. Mix warm milk or water, sugar, yeast. Add flour, egg, salt, butter. Mix thoroughly. Leave the dough for 30-45 minutes in warm place.
  2. Smear with butter the silicone mold for baking. Place dough into the silicone mold. Mix egg, mayonnaise, ketchup and spices. Spread with this mixture the dough. Add on the top the chopped sausages. Optionally, add grated cheese and chopped onion. Spread with mixture again.
  3. Place it in a preheated oven to 430°F or 180°C and bake until golden crust. Enjoy your meal!!!