Brussels Sprout Soup with Salami

Delicious Brussels Sprout Soup with vegetables and salami!!!


  • potato, peeled & chopped 2 pcs.
  • salami (450 gram) 1 lb.
  • celery, chopped 3 stalk
  • Brussels sprout (450 gram) 1 lb.
  • tomato, chopped 1 pcs.
  • tomato paste 3 tbsp.
  • bay leaf 2 pcs.
  • garlic, minced 3 cloves
  • salt and spices, to taste
  • carrot, grated 1 pcs.
  • onion, chopped 12 pcs.
  • parsley, chopped 2 tbsp.
  • dill, chopped 2 tbsp.
  • sour cream, optional


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Step 1
Chop potato and cut salami on slices, cut celery, Brussels sprouts, tomato into the medium chunks. Put into the saucepan, add water to cover all. Boil about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add tomato paste, bay leaves, minced garlic, salt, spices. Add grated carrot, finely chopped onion and chopped parsley and dill.
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Step 2
Simmer on low heat for 20-30 minutes until soft potato. Serve hot with sour cream. Enjoy your meal!!!