Canned Fish Sushi Rolls

Homemade canned fish sushi rolls with canned tuna or smoked sardines, cream cheese and cucumber.


  • nori sheets seaweed 4 pcs.
  • cooked Japanese rice 2 cups
  • cream cheese 4 tbsp.
  • canned tuna or canned sardines 1 can
  • cucumber 1 pcs.
  • red caviar or flying fish roe, to taste 2 tsp.


  1. Peel and cut cucumber. Place a sheet of nori over a bamboo mat. Spread by pressing down cooked rice evenly over two-third of the nori sheet. Put the canned fish and chopped cucumber in the center. Add cream cheese to taste. Roll it toward to the top of the exposed nori, using the bamboo mat.
  2. Using a small amount of water, wet your fingers and apply the water to the exposed nori and finish rolling it up! Wipe a sharp knife with a wet cloth and cut the roll into bite-size pieces. Serve with soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi. Optionally garnish with red caviar. Enjoy your meal!!!