How to Make Cappuccino without a Coffee Machine

Find out how to make cappuccino without a coffee machine, double cappuccino or cappuccino with rum, cognac, liquor, nut crumbs, cinnamon or chocolate crumbs. 


  • espresso 12 cup
  • milk 12 cup
  • sugar, to taste
  • rum, cognac or liquor, optionally


  1. Boil espresso in a Turkish coffee pot (cezve/ibrik). Heat up a cup of milk in the microwave about 1 minute or on a stove until really hot, but not boiling. Whip the milk with a whisk until you have a thick foam looks nice and creamy. Lay the thick milk foam on top of the espresso with a spoon in the proportion 1:1 or the foam 2 cm ( 3⁄4 in). Serve immediately.
  2. ***For cappuccino with milk gradually pour the milk with foam in the proportion of 1/3 of espresso, 1/3 of milk, 1/3 of foam.
  3. ***For double cappuccino add two part of espresso.
  4. ***Alcoholic cappuccino. Add rum, cognac or liquor before the foam.
  5. ***Optionally sprinkle with nut or chocolate crumbs or cinnamon the cappuccino foam.