We collect for you step by step soup recipes with pictures from different countries.

Soup is a primarily liquid food which includes more than 50% of water. Soup is made combining ingredients such as meat and vegetables with stock, broth, water or another liquid. There are a lot of kinds of soups: warm, cool or cold, clear soups and thick soups. There are approximately 150 types of soups in the world today, which are divided on more than a thousand of species. Each species can have several options. However, bright differences from one another have only types of soups.

Soup is very popular in the different countries. In some countries, often soup is served before other dishes in a meal. Evidence of the existence of soups was found, as far back as, about 20,000 BC. But first soup appeared in China where were made first suitable cookware. In many countries, soup considered a sign of affluence and says that a good housewife in a house who takes care of her family's health because the hot liquid dish has beneficial effects on the stomach. 

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