We collect for you a lot of drink recipes with pictures. The main role of drinks is replenishing water loss in the body. A person can live for several months without food, without air a few minutes and no more than 2 weeks without water. The human body is bad keeps moisture, so you need to constantly replenish the liquid. The human body contains approximately 50% - 75% of water, depending on the weight and age. Loss of the human body for more than 10% of water may lead to death. But the main impact of drinks on the human body is their tonic and cleansing effect. Therefore it is necessary to choose correctly what we drink and how much. But not all drinks are suitable for cleansing the body and provide health benefits. Do not abuse the sweet sodas due to high sugar content and allergenic substances and alcohol in unlimited doses. The drink is a liquid, intended for drinking. Drinks can be divided either on alcoholic and non-alcoholic, either cold or hot. Cold drinks include cocktails, juices, fruit drinks, kvass, lemonade. Hot drinks are tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate. There are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, such as lemonade, smoothies, cocktails, tea, coffee, cocoa, milk cocktail, as well as alcohol, such as shot and a long drink. In this section, you will find different recipes from around the world. Add your likes, share recipes and add your own!!!


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