Here you can find a lot of delicious recipes porridges and cereals from different countries!!! Delicious and healthy cereal recipes including granola, muesli, oatmeal for breakfast, side dish, kids, adults and toddlers meals.

Cereal is a dish consisting of boiled grains and very popular with spices, milk, fruit and dried fruit, nuts, jam and so on. It is a very healthy dish. It is used as a dietary food, and of course, gives to kids as a first food. It can be a good idea for breakfast and as a side dish for main courses, combined with meat, poultry, fish.

For thousands of years, a person eats cereals. Grains easy to grow and keep, easy to cook. However, numerous varieties of them are forgotten for cooking. For centuries there were no civilizations that have evolved without grain. Archaeologists find barley, millet and wheat around the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East, rice - in Asia, maize, amaranth, quinoa - in America. Until now, though half of the world's arable land occupy the same crops, culinary traditions are still given preference for those cereals that were originally cultivated in the region. So, in spite of globalization, in Scotland do not eat rice or millet, and in the Philippine or Chinese village rarely use oatmeal. These small grains, coming from different places, able to adapt to the most extreme climatic conditions, to the most infertile soils. They are an essential source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and a plurality of vitamins and minerals. But here's the paradox: the more comfortable living people of a country, the more people refuses to cereals. Grains that saved so many generations of people from hunger, food becomes a symbol for the poor. Meat substitutes for liquid and porridges, soups and other dishes. Today, however, cereals return again in our lives, which is associated with the fashion for a healthy diet. Return to natural, healthy and nutritious food is still worthy of respect. And it's a good excuse to come up with new recipes. 

The most popular grains and cereals in the world:

Semolina is crushed wheat. It is easy to digest, it is usually added to the food, intended for small children, even though it excludes a gluten-free diet. Old cookbooks offered many recipes of desserts from semolina. Semolina is also used to thicken soups or dough.

Buckwheat porridge with water or milk, butter or sugar is a traditional dish of eastern Europeans. Buckwheat does not contain gluten. Now it is served with fresh fruit, berries, nuts, almond milk, honey, cheese, mushrooms, onions, cabbage and so on.

Pease pudding. This dish was invented in the north-east of England, in the industrial areas. The bottom line is this: to tenderize pea puree consistency, add the vegetables and meat products. Typically, pease pudding is cooked for many hours.

Upma is a porridge of dry roasted semolina, which is eaten for breakfast in South India and Sri Lanka. Fry it in melted butter with mustard seeds, curry, turmeric and onion, then mixed with potatoes, tomatoes, peas, peppers, cauliflower or fried cashews.

Halim is a porridge of wheat with meat. It is a favorite dish of Muslims for centuries, especially popular during Ramadan. The recipe is slightly different depending on the region, but usually includes wheat cereals and meat (lamb, chicken or beef). Wheat grains and meat pieces pour in water and stew over low heat for several hours. Then the mixture ground to a creamy consistency and put on top with melted butter. Halim also often seasoned with spices - cumin, cinnamon, cardamom.

Konzhi is tenderized to puree rice porridge. In China, it is mixed with ginger, pork, shrimp, green onions, garlic and dried mushrooms. In Japan, add sesame seeds and pickled plum.

Grits is a traditional American porridge of maize flour that is eaten with butter and milk. In coastal areas Grits served with shrimp. In other - with eggs and bacon. The refined version - with trout and mushrooms.

Champorado is a favorite dish of Filipinos, very sweet rice porridge with cocoa powder, milk and sugar. It is usually served with dried salted fish. There is an opinion that the Spanish colonists brought to the Philippines a chocolate drink champurrado that Aborigines changed according to your taste.

Polenta is a porridge made of cornmeal. It was the main food of poor Italian peasants. It is served with meat, sauce and cheese (or simply with butter and grated Parmesan cheese). Now add the greens, fried mushrooms, shrimp. Polenta is a national dish in Italy. Although plebeian origin, polenta hit the menu of many Italian restaurants, because there are so many choices of dishes from it. Cooked porridge can bake a cake, fry in the form of beads or strips, served with sauces, mushrooms, vegetables, herbs, meat - yes, in general, anything. Cut into pieces and fried polenta sell even in the networks of Italian fast food.

Genfo porridge is originally from Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is made from barley or wheat flour and is served for breakfast. Genfo recommended for women during pregnancy and after childbirth. Genfo brewed up jelly-like state. Porridge served as a mound with a hole in the middle, filled with oil and spices. Around the "volcanoes" you can put the yogurt.

Mulgipuder  is a porridge which very popular in Estonia. It is consist of pearl barley and potatoes. This dish appeared in the second half of the XIX century when the Estonian landowners tried to teach the common people to the new product (potatoes). They proposed to add the potatoes to the usual porridge for greater satiety. Mulgipuder is cooked in the oven for about 40 minutes. To do this, take half-baked potatoes and barley. Both products are tantalized in one pot, but they can be mixed only when they are completely ready. To make Mulgipuder even better, add fried onions and bacon.

Mamaliga is a cool brewed porridge made of corn flour and very popular in Moldova.

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