Birthday celebrated all over the world, but every country has own traditions. 

  • In China on Birthday eat long noodles, which symbolizes longevity. Noodles need to chew as much as possible.
  • In Mexico on birthday broke a pinata. The pinata is a toy made of papier-mache or paper in the form of an animal, which is filled with candy, toys, and confetti.
  • In the United Kingdom, celebrating not only their birthday, as well as the Queen's birthday (the current monarch).
  • The most important meal in the Korean birthday is rice cakes. The child expects a long life if the greater number of people take of rice cakes.
  • On Birthday in Ireland accepted to turn the birthday man upside down and gently beat on the floor. In one stroke for each year of life, plus one for good luck.
  • In Russian birthday, the main task is to feed the guests.
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